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Changing the way cancer drugs are screened

What is ourotech?

Ourotech provides a supplement to animal testing cancer drugs at a fraction of the cost using proprietary biomaterials to create engineered human tumors for drug screening. Our 3D tumor models can be used to reduce false positives during pre-clinical trials to save time and money on unnecessary clinical trials for ineffective drugs passed by animal testing. Our biomaterials and tumor genesis protocols can be modified to mimic conditions of the human tumor microenvironment, from mechanical strength and viscoelastic properties to  pH and oxygen gradients. 

Our flagship product, Genesis, uses shear-thinning technology to change from solid to liquid form with pressure, and to protect cells from pressure while transitioning. This allows us to use our biomaterials in a wide variety of dispensers, from manual syringes to high-throughput screening systems, and even 3D printers. Genesis is ideal for creating mechanically strong biomaterial-based tumors with the ability to mimic in-vivo pH and oxygen gradients. 



We are creating a solution to supplement animal testing pain points that is accurate and cost effective. We want to make your cancer treatment screening more impactful by showing more accurate results!



3D Models

To be used with a 3D printer and 3D modelling software. If you do not have software yet we recommend using Slic3r (free). Click to download.

Cube 10x10

Grid 30x0.4

Grid 30x0.2

Grid 30x0.8

Grid 30x1

Line 30x0.2

Line 30x0.4

Line 30x0.6

Line 30x0.8

Line 30x1