Get the right cancer treatment the first time.

At Ourotech, we believe that cancer treatment can be better. Instead of the trial and error method that is ubiquitous today, we’re working to personalize cancer treatment – because every patient’s cancer is unique.

To achieve this, we’ve developed a medical device that takes patient tumor samples and identifies the best treatment for that patient.

Our business is growing. We’ve recently secured funding from VCs and lab space at JLabs in downtown Toronto.

To growing our business, we’re looking for skilled employees to join our early stage team – someone who shares our passion for getting the right cancer treatment the first time.

Microfluidics Engineer

The Microfluidics Engineer will design and optimize Ourotech’s current organ on a chip, which contains a tumor and liver module and connects to a pump system that circulates blood and drugs. The organ on a chip must be designed to maximize the accuracy of drug testing while using as few cancer cells as possible. The designed system must perform reliably and be able to rank drugs and drug combinations for cancer patients in order of efficacy to identify the most effective treatments using a patient tumor sample. The first organ on a chip design is for breast cancer and future projects will involve new cancers, starting with colon cancer.

Ourotech will be starting a preclinical trial shortly after the Microfluidics Engineer is hired to test 5 FDA combination therapies on patient derived xenograft samples to identify and rank the best treatments for each sample. They will optimize the microfluidic chip design to maximize the accuracy of drug testing with as few cancer cells as possible.

Job Responsibilities

  • Design and optimize organ on a chip technology

  • Fabricate reliable chips for research, preclinical and clinical trials

  • Culture cell lines and primary patient tumor samples

  • Operate a microfluidic device and test FDA approved and novel anti-cancer drugs on tumor samples

  • Conduct various genotypic and phenotypic assays, particularly Live/Dead assays

  • Develop protocols and best practices for independent clinical trials

  • Work with medical device manufacturers to create a final product, which includes a blood and drug pumping system and consumable microfluidic chips


- Masters or greater in Life Sciences or Engineering

-Experience designing and fabricating microfluidic devices

- Experience handling/culturing human cells

- Published papers in the life sciences or chemical engineering required


Nice to Have:

- PhD in Life Sciences or Engineering preferred

- Experience in animal/clinical trials preferred

- Experience working with or in manufacturing preferred

- Experience running various phenotypic and genotypic assays, particularly Live/Dead assays preferred

- 2+ years of work experience in cancer research or tissue engineering


What’s in it for You

  • Downtown Toronto lab space (JLabs@Toronto)

  • Competitive compensation

  • Potential stock options in a growing startup

  • An open work environment where your opinions are valued

  • Potential for high career growth in a fast-paced environment

  • Work/life balance

Contact info:

Email resumes to info@ourotech.ca