Get the right cancer treatment the first time.

At Ourotech, we believe that cancer treatment can be better. Instead of the trial and error method that is ubiquitous today, we’re working to personalize cancer treatment – because every patient’s cancer is unique.

To achieve this, we’ve developed a medical device that takes patient tumor samples and identifies the best treatment for that patient.

Our business is growing. We’ve recently secured funding from VCs and lab space at JLabs in downtown Toronto.

To growing our business, we’re looking for skilled employees to join our early stage team – someone who shares our passion for getting the right cancer treatment the first time.

Immunotherapy Model Researcher

The Immunotherapy Model Researcher will develop an in vitro model for testing immunotherapies. Currently, Ourotech’s proprietary cancer-on-a-chip model contains a solid tumor module and a liver module, with circulating blood and a drug injection system. The researcher will incorporate immune cells (e.g. T-cells) into the chip. The researcher will also test existing immunotherapies to verify the accuracy of the model. Later, they will test new immunotherapies developed by pharmaceutical companies for their drug development.

Job Responsibilities

  • Handle patient tumor and blood samples

  • Co-culture cancer and immune cells

  • Operate a microfluidic device

  • Test immunotherapies using various phenotypic and genotypic assays

  • Create assay protocols for commercial drug testing services

  • Transition research into animal/human trials for applications in personalized medicine


- Master’s or greater in Life Sciences

- Experience in handling/culturing human cells, particularly immune cells

- Experience in handling human blood

- Experience in Oncology and/or Immunology

- Experience in running various phenotypic and genotypic assays

- Published papers in the life sciences required


Nice to Have:

- PhD in Life Sciences preferred

- Experience in animal/clinical trials preferred

- 2+ years of work experience in cancer research, immunology, or tissue engineering


What’s in it for You

  • Downtown Toronto lab space (JLabs@Toronto)

  • Competitive compensation

  • Potential stock options in a growing startup

  • An open work environment where your opinions are valued

  • Potential for high career growth in a fast-paced environment

  • Work/life balance

Contact info:

Email resumes to info@ourotech.ca