Get the right cancer treatment.

The first time.

Personalized cancer treatment through measuring drug resistance ex vivo

What is ourotech?

A patient that is diagnosed with cancer today will have a genetic screen on their tumor sample to determine their subtype of cancer. Based on the cancer subtype, they are given a first line of treatment. If that doesn't work, they are given a second line of treatment. If that doesn't work, they are given a third line of treatment. Why experiment with a patient's body; wasting time and risking their life?


Drugs fail because of drug resistance. Ourotech measures drug resistance on a patient's tumor sample outside of their body so we can determine the best cancer treatment the first time. Ourotech has created a hydrogel that can culture tumors outside of the human body and mimic the drug resistance of tumors inside the human body. We use IC50, the industry standard for measuring drug resistance, so we can determine the best treatment for a patient and eliminate the trial and error process.


The ourotech drug testing process

Ourotech's first hydrogel, Genesis, is usable for breast, colon and brain (GBM) cancers. 


CASE STUDY: Dox ic50

ourotech can predict drug resistance more accuRately than the competition


Work With Us

Medical Director

Guide Ourotech through clinical trials and regulatory approvals for our device diagnostic to identify the best treatment for cancer patients. The device is Class 2 and is initially targeting triple negative breast cancer. This is a senior role.

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